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Hi, my name is Roberto Sarao and I would like to welcome you to Vitalian Fitness. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

I would like to share with you my journey to fitness, the concept of Vitalian Fitness and what Vitalian Fitness could do for you.

Throughout my childhood and as a young man I was always involved in sport – hockey, football tennis and rugby. My career as a professional rugby player in Italy was just beginning when a serious motorbike accident put an abrupt end to it. This was a massive blow to me and I tried to pick myself up by continuing to coach the youngsters at my rugby club. Very hard to do when you know you can never play contact sport again.

​I returned to the UK to go to university which was the start of a gap in my sporting career.  The mixture of home life and university routine quickly became normality and training faded out of my routine.  I became unfit and put on weight – 19 stone at my biggest! I decided to do something about it - I joined a gym. My training was sporadic to start with as I really did not know what I was doing.  Although I felt a little fitter and lost a little weight I was not getting the results I wanted.

I decided to train with a Personal Trainer.  This decision changed everything. My time with Matt gave me the inspiration to really take control of my life and gave me the initial spark to become a PT. I learnt first hand just how powerful the guidance and results of a PT’s input can be.

​So here I am now in the best shape of my life - I have never felt more healthy, confident and strong in mind and body. I believe when you train you are not only making your body stronger, but you are making your mind and soul stronger at the same time! I qualified as a PT over two years ago working in various Gyms but wanted to develop my own concept. Vitalian Fitness was born!

At Vitalian Fitness we aim to offer you a comprehensive service tailored to your health and fitness goals.  Whether it be, getting lean, bulking up, getting ready for an event, nutritional advice, recovery from illness or getting fitter for life.Our team is fully qualified to level 3 standard.  We are all down to earth, love to train and have a great sense of humour!  If you are willing to put the effort in, we will help you on your journey with a tailor- made package to be the best you can be.

​Please browse our website and check-out the services we have to offer. They include online training, oneZone training, nutritional advice or, to really kick start your fitness journey, a week at our brand-new fitness retreat at our exclusive Spanish villa.

Please don’t hesitate to message us – we would love to hear from you and see how we can help you with your fitness goals.

Vitalian Fitness it is not just about training hard but providing a professional environment tailored to your needs where you know you have given your all but had have enjoyed it as well.


Roberto Sarao - Canterbury
Tel: 07983 899472

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